Hungry Ghost

by Brenna Lowrie

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released October 17, 2016

Brenna Lowrie - electric & acoustic guitar, keys, voices
Nathan Lowrie - guitar
Jesse Northey - bass, additional instrumentation on "Dead Sun"
Clayton Smith - drums

Recorded & mixed by Jesse Northey
Mastering by Jon Martin
All songs by Brenna Lowrie 2016



all rights reserved


Brenna Lowrie Lethbridge, Alberta

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Track Name: Dead Sun
Thought the night was done
Cruel trick of the light;
Dead sun

Morning will bring
Fewer dark things

Sick of these shadows
Wherever we please
We'll go

Bright day, please stay
Keep dreams at bay

You need one
And so you need the other
Can't see the change
Without the other

Rook took flight - we gave chase
We worship the light
In its place

In its place
Track Name: Canary in the Mine
Down, we go down, and we drown
to the things that you say
So set on going,
but know you can't keep away

So just look to me
And you'll see whether everything is fine
Or I'll drop dead
Because I'm the canary in the mine

South of the mouth there's a mouth
by another name
It don't say nothing,
Still listen, 'cause that's the way

To reason with me
If you see I'm not havin' a good time
'Cause I'll fall first
Because I'm the canary in the mine

Drop to the floor
Run for the door
Settle the score

Run for the door
Drop to the floor
Bargain for more

Don't worry, now you know how
to see other ways
So bank on winning,
Tomorrow if not today

And then look to me
And you'll see, honey, everything is fine
'Cause I'll wilt first
Because I'm the canary in the mine
Track Name: Bad Leanings
Oh dearest lord
On high, up above
I need your mercy
I need your love

Oh hear me, lord
I tremble and pray
For even the sunrise
Was black that day

Stay near me, lord
I know not what I do
I'll bathe in the goodness
That flows from you

Forgive me, lord
Wipe clean the slate
Absolve my dark sins
And bear their weight

I thought the pain would be but too brief
I drew the blade out from its safe, dark sheath
The wound it left was deep and red
Made good my word and left him dead

It's bad leanings
that have made me slip up
A mouth of ashes - it tasted fine
For I know the lord'll
Catch my meaning
And seek to lead me back in line
Track Name: Water Deep
It's a tempting of fate
It's desire that won't be ignored
It's resistance that soon gives way
It's a push to the floor

It's a shock to the heart
It's a rage against the pale moonlight
It's refusal to play one's part
It's a plan for a flight

Water deep
A dreamless sleep

It's the calm on the lake
It's a cry out in broad daylight
It's the terror in one sick face
It's a race through the night
Track Name: Hungry Ghost
Leaves turn
Shades of a crimson sun
We learn somehow not to run

Snow falls
Dark are the nights and days
We're called to watch, and we stay

Bonds break
Change is a silent thief
We make the most of our grief

Mouth small
That of a hungry ghost
You'll always mean, well - the most

Don't be afraid
Know I adore you
Plans can be laid
For what's before you
Track Name: Babylon
A beast like a leopard
With feet like a bear
A mouth like a lion
Fourteen eyes that stare

Earth's hollow
She'll swallow
Up all those who rebel

The lake's glass
The lake's fire
It holds all the stars that fell

And who - who wears the mark
On the head or on the right hand
The sky grew dark
Red moon, scarred land

The water
Grew hotter
Became the blood of dead men

Heads seven
Horns ten
And ten shining diadems

It is done

And the horse is as white as snow
In its mouth a sword
Slays beasts and slays dragons
Praise to the lord

It is done
Track Name: She's the Moon
She's sea-white
In the sun
Sea-green in the trees

She's the moon
They'll wake soon
Weeping from their dreams

The endless ring -
Though young as spring
She's too old not to see

Golden rope
'Round her throat
No more will she flee

All gone blind
All her kind
Forced in to the sea

The iron cage
She sees their age
A spell will set her free

Freed in turn
Eyes that yearn
Harpy eats her dead
Wind blows cold
Long foretold
Wings of bronze turn red

Still she grieves
Love deceives
She has learned to feel

Mortal yet,
Knows regret
Never will she heal

She wonders why
If bodies die
We still think they are real
Track Name: I'm Not There
We run, we can't walk
'Cause we must watch the clock
And we can't go on
Something's gone, dear

Those times, those nights
That we try hard to hold tight
But we still move on -
Dull things shone once

And I'm there
But I'm not there
And I care
But I don't care

A heart breaks in two
But that's not true -
With you it broke open wide
I nearly died, dear

Don't stay, don't go
One says yes, please, one no
How could I decide?
I'm blank inside, dear

And I'm there
But I'm not there
And I care
But I don't care

You'll seek out someone who'll be
More honest and kind than me

Can't we rewind
And take back all the times
That we couldn't see
The blessings we had around

Renew - start fresh
I swear I'll be my best
I won't bring you down
We're going down, dear

And I'm there
But I'm not there
And I care
But I don't care