by Brenna Lowrie

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released February 22, 2016

Recorded by Clayton Smith/Brenna Lowrie
Mixed by Clayton Smith
Mastering by Jon Martin

Aaron Trozzo played bass on "Death in Venice"
Brenna made up the songs and played the other instruments and stuff



all rights reserved


Brenna Lowrie Lethbridge, Alberta

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Track Name: Now (Again)
I've been silent,
Floating out in the dark
Though I don't know day, I don't know night

A few violent hours
Then I can start
To feel the cold and see the light

And the eyes and the sounds and the needs
are all brand-new
And so am I
and it seems that so are you

And I don't know yet
All the ways that things should be
And they say I'm helpless
But I'm free

Soon the patterns
start to fall in to place
Everything fits in its category

No time to wander
at one's own pace
Everyone fits in our common story

But I've never walked down this street
before today
And I've never uttered words like these
until right now

It's the very first moment,
happening again
Well - you can't get away from it anyhow
Track Name: Empty Road
So much loss and change
Has worn us down
and left us shattered

Only threads remain
Remind us of
what used to matter

And the legends fly
that if we but try
That salvation lies
'Cross the dark highway

Silence is our code
We watch them go -
they're never mentioned

Empty is the road
Yet vigilant
is our attention

For if they do return,
Then they may have learned
Of some place to claim
All our glory earned

If you break free, don't you wait for me there
If you break free, don't you wait for me there
Track Name: Death in Venice
Twin columns:
Lion; saint
Heavy eyelids
Grown faint

Stop - it doesn't matter
If you waste days or waste time
Stop - this really matters
Look at how you've wasted time

Night's voyage
Fixed stare
Grown reckless -
Can't repair

Stop - it doesn't matter
There's no wrong thing, there's nothing wrong
Stop - this really matters
Look at all that you've done wrong

He shares the city's secret and its guilt
The fever rises as the flowers wilt

Fever breeding
Fever rising

Track Name: Oh Lady
She walks
Proud in her bearing
See the jewel upon her brow

She runs
Swift through the green wood
Gifts untold she will endow

Oh Lady
I'm living for thee
Please tame me,
I won't let you be
You chained me

For bad or for good,
I wish that I could
but offer you more

She stands
Wild as the rose's bloom -
As dear, as fair, as sweet

She cuts
Sharp as the crown of thorns,
The shackles on my feet

Oh Lady
I know that you see
You saved me
From what I might be
Please lay me

On moss in the sea
I'm drowning, I'm free

With you by the shore

(Turbid waters,
Sea-bred daughters
Gasping and writhing
in the fresh, clear depths

Green scales rusting,
Half mistrusting
Those who will say
That it is better to have wept)
Track Name: Safe to Say
I feel lonely with other people
I'm alone when you're by my side

And it seems to me
This will always be
And it's safe to say
It just goes that way
Track Name: Burial Ground
There fill the pits of the fifty-six
With the stones mined from the chalk downs

There dig a ditch on a sloping pitch
With the antlers deftly sharpened

Bowmen and archers have laboured long
And they're carving in the dagger blade

Age-old song of the ringing rock
Every follower must hearken

There where the bones of deer and oxen lie
There where we learned to read the sky

The circle is unbroken
No words are written, only spoken
We bring our sick and broken
We bring our dead our tokens

Walk through the night to the sacred site
That is ready for the burial

Fires on the banks of the Avon burn
As we welcome back the summer

There, as if one, we will watch the sun
As it rises 'bove the chosen stone

Tongue and groove with no way to prove
Our intentions or our number

There where the bones of men and children lie
There where we learned to read the sky